Remnant 2 Game Director Confirms Crossplay & DLC Archetypes During Reddit AMA

The games director provided some details on future plans for Remnant 2 during a recent Reddit AMA.

Image via Gunfire Games

Remnant 2 has been out for a few weeks now and continues to please fans with its great gameplay and massive amount of replayability. With its success, players are curious about what’s next for the latest offering from Gunfire Games, including whether we can expect crossplay anytime soon.

Now, thanks to a recent Reddit AMA with David Adams, Remnant 2’s game director, we have the answer and more information on the future of the game, which by all accounts, looks to be a bright and fruitful one for players.

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Game’s Director Confirms DLC Archetypes and Discusses Other Possible Additions in Remnant’s Future

Image via Gunfire Games

Adams answered a ton of questions during his time on Reddit. While there were no solid details on many of his comments, he does give players a glimpse into what Remnant 2 has in store for players in the future—one of the most notable additions being crossplay.

In response to a user asking if the game will be getting crossplay functionality in the future, Adams assured the user and fans that they are “looking at it” and there are several issues with the different platforms and requirements they need to address in order to allow crossplay, but it is being “actively worked on.” There was no timeframe given for when players can expect this to come to fruition, but it’s nice to have confirmation that this much-requested feature is being worked on.

Elsewhere in the AMA, Adams confirmed that new Archetypes – Remnant 2’s version of classes – will be coming in future DLC with a short and sweet “yes,” and also mentioned that they are likely to be adding in more armor in DLC, as well as adding the option for loadouts, and taking on feedback about some bugs and other areas the community had questions or gripes about. He also took the time to expand on some of the game’s lore inspiration and other tidbits that players will be happy to hear. Overall, it was a great AMA with a lot of cool information and praise for a wonderful game. I recommend giving the whole thread a look.

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With this confirmation, fans can look forward to a seemingly bright future for the game, which has already had a solid launch with 1 million copies sold in just four days and recently hit over 100,000 concurrent players on Steam. We loved our time with Remnant 2 here at Gamepur, and we, alongside the community, look forward to what comes next for this surprise hit from Gunfire Games.