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Remnant 2: How to Solve Yaesha Music Box Water Harp Puzzle

The Music Box is one of the many puzzles you need to solve in Remnant 2, and this guide shows you every step to complete it.

Yaesha is full of mysteries for you to unlock in Remnant 2. It’s one of the many worlds you’ll discover as you progress through the game and travel through the crystals. When you reach The Forbidden Grove in Yaesha, there is a music box you need to solve, also known as the Music Box, often referred to as the Water Harp.

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The Water Harp is a musical instrument that was used against the Ravager, the destructive beast that causes a large amount of death on Yaesha. If you want to face off against this creature, solving the Water Harp is a critical component of it. Here’s what you need to know about solving the Music Box and progressing to the end of Yaesha in Remnant 2.

Where to Find The Yaesha Music Box Water Harp Remnant 2

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You will find the Music Box as you make your way through Yaesha and progress further into Remnant 2. You’ll encounter it close to The Forbidden Grove’s center before you enter the Faithless Thicket. You can find it around the Water Harp, near the Pan Flautist, who will ask that you defeat the Ravager, the beast on the other side of the ravine.

Initially, when you find The Water Harp, the device won’t work properly in Remnant 2. When you look at the device, to the left of it is a wire that won’t be moving, which means it’s not operating. If you want to get the Water Harp to work, you need to activate it, which you can reach by going through the Faithless Thicket and returning to the Forbidden Grove. For my playthrough, this was outside of the world boss with the Ravager and the Doe.

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You can find this entrance on the right side of the map in the Faithless Thicket, which leads to a shortcut that you create back to the room with the checkpoint crystal in Remnant 2. When you enter the Faithless Thicket from The Forbidden Grove, close from the Water Harp, keep to the right, take the first right turn, and then proceed down. You’ll arrive behind the locked door, and there should be a lever activating the Water Harp.

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After you’ve activated the Water Harp and the water wheel is turning, it’s time to solve the puzzle and turn it on. I encourage you to do this as the last thing you do while in this world, Yaesha. It’s far better to explore the entire region and make this the last thing you complete, but you can do this at any time, based on how you want to play Remnant 2.

The Yaesha Music Box Solution in Remnant 2

When you return to the Music Box, there are several symbols and notes. Before you worry about this part of the puzzle, I recommend returning to the room with the crystal and reading the book that’s on the table. There, you’ll be able to read about the construction of the Music Box in Remnant 2, and the first page shows the notes that you need to care about for this puzzle.

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These notes are the same ones on the wheel of the Music Box. Take a screenshot of these symbols, and then return to the harp. Now, you need to pull the pegs up on the Wheel to solve the puzzle and create a bridge to reach the World Boss on Yaesha in Remnant 2.

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When you approach the Music Box, start at the top, and input the notes as you see them. However, the lines next to the notes will be a space, so you skip that line and pull the peg up on the next row, which can be a bit confusing. Based on the pattern I had for my Music Box, here’s the order I had it.

  • Row 1: Fifth Note
  • Row 2: Space
  • Row 3: Fourth Note
  • Row 4: Space
  • Row 5: Third Note
  • Row 6: Fourth Note
  • Row 7: First Note
  • Row 8: Space

After you’ve completed this in your Remnant 2 game, move away from the Music Box, and activate the lever next to it. The notes should go up, and start playing. If you’ve activated the water wheel on the other side of the closed door, the notes should continue to play for an extended period of time, and a bridge will reveal itself, allowing you to reach the final area, where the Ravager is waiting for you in Remannt 2.

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However, there is a secret, second puzzle you can solve at this location. The Pan Flutist that is playing nearby will be playing a particular song, and you’ll have the chance to replicate it using the Music Box.

How to Solve The Secret Music Box Water Harp Puzzle in Remnant 2

There’s a secret song you can play on the Music Box in Remnant 2. For this to work, you’ll need to complete the Ravager Quest, and then return to the Music Box. Once here, the Fluist nearby will be playing a unique song that you can replicate on the Water Harp. Unlike the original puzzle that you had worked on at the Water Harp, there are no visual hints. You have to figure out listening to the nearby song, and what’s being played.

Here’s the solution to the secret song in Remnant 2, which will give you the achievement Carnage in C-Minor.

  • Row 1: First Note
  • Row 2: Fourth Note
  • Row 3: Space
  • Row 4: Second Note
  • Row 5: Fifth Note
  • Row 6: Space
  • Row 7: Third Note
  • Row 8: Space

You’ll know you’ve played it correctly as the Music Box continues to play after you’ve input the notes, and behind you a small pillar appears, giving you the Bolt Driver.

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