Resident Evil Village leak reveals April 2021 launch, demo, story DLC, multiplayer

More details about the next-gen survival horror.

According to an internal data leak from Capcom, Resident Evil Village is releasing in “late April 2021” and has plans for a multiplayer mode that hasn’t been revealed yet.

Documents coming from the Japanese developer, which has reckoned it suffered a data leak last week, mention a demo is releasing three weeks before the full game’s release, with pre-orders starting in January 2021.

An online component is also mentioned in the files, called Dominion, and it could be released as a separate client similar to Resistance for Resident Evil 3.

A DLC called “Ethan’s Trauma Pack” is said to be coming bundled with the digital deluxe edition or standalone, priced at $25. The following is the description of the DLC, which appears to be offered as a link between Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village:

Three years later –
Even now that he’s returned to a peaceful life, Ethan’s nightmare isn’t over.

The events he experienced at Baker mansion were so extraordinary that it leaves an inextinguishable scar in the back of his mind.

Visions of the past follow him everywhere, even in this case.
Ethan has made a break with his abominable past and
can you build a new future with your family…?

It’s worth adding that the core game will see the protagonist Ethan awakening in medias res, carried in the eponymous village by Chris Redfield for unknown reasons.

The leaked data also references current-gen releases, which has been acknowledged as a possibility by Capcom. Despite possibly coming to PS4 and Xbox One, though, Resident Evil Village will still be a title born with next-gen in mind, offering ray tracing and high-quality graphics as a result.