Resident Evil Village has ray tracing, but runs at dynamic 4K on PS5

PlayStation website reveals all the details.

Resident Evil Village

Image via Capcom

The official PlayStation website has shared more details about how Resident Evil Village will perform on PlayStation 5, including support to the next-gen feature of ray tracing.

According to the details revealed by Sony, Capcom’s first-person survival horror game will feature “beautiful yet terrifying vistas and locales” with “stunning visuals” powered by ray tracing. However, the Japanese developer has opted for a dynamic 4K resolution, which should be for having a solid frame rate all over the experience.

The choice of a dynamic resolution seemingly confirms rumors that Capcom had troubles in making Resident Evil Village running properly on PS5. However, that hasn’t prevented the label from promising to look into PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions mere weeks ago, at Tokyo Game Show Online.

Resident Evil Village is also taking advantage of some of the PlayStation 5 most peculiar features, including “almost no load times,” thanks to its new SSD. No load times should make a difference here, as Resident Evil Village will return to focus on open world-like exploration.

Supported features include:

  • Adaptive triggers: Feel the weight and pull of weapon triggers for an even more immersive experience.
  • Haptic feedback: Simulate the feeling of firing a real gun with haptic feedback.
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech on compatible headphones: Surround yourself with the carefully crafted music and sounds of survival horror in Resident Evil Village. 3D Audio enhances the experience by making you feel the hair-raising sounds coming from every direction.

Resident Evil Village is set in an unknown location where the protagonist Ethan finds himself carried by a popular series’ character.