Resident Evil Village VR lets you literally punch Lycans and wield two weapons at once

Ethan is back, and he is angry.

Resident Evil Village

Image via Capcom

How many times during a playthrough of Resident Evil: Village did you want to punch the annoying Lycans in the face? Sure, Ethan could taunt them with cheesy one-liners, but that does not satisfy the urge to make your fist meet a werewolf. Capcom has heard your desires, and decided to spice things up with Resident Evil: Village VR. Disregard the fact that the last time Ethan’s hand encountered a Lycan’s face up close he ended up losing a few fingers. This time it will be different. Instead, you can literally punch them in the mouth…or duel wield a shotgun and pistol combo. It’s up to you.

Resident Evil: Village VR is finally coming to PlayStation as a free DLC on February 22, the same day that PlayStation VR2 launches. The title is not a simple port, however, as the new gameplay trailer makes very apparent. This time, Ethan is pulling no punches.

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The trailer shows off a ton of new features not present in the standard version of the game. Ethan can go hand-to-hand with enemies now, and it is obviously you that throws the punches in real-time. If you find yourself wishing you could use both hands the entire game, Capcom also has you covered. You can walk around with a flashlight in one hand and a gun in the other, or forgo the light and take on creatures by dual wielding weapons. Ethan is shown using double pistols and a pistol/shotgun combo during the trailer.

Another feature added in the VR DLC includes a practice range to test out your virtual reality shooting skills. Players can also use their hands to pull out the map, pick up items, turn keys, and even play the piano. Let’s also take a second to talk about the fact that Ethan has arms attached to those hands now. No longer do you have to ignore the very apparent presence of floating hands from Resident Evil 7 VR. Capcom took the time to really separate this experience for the VR crowd. So get ready to put on that visor, because Lady Dimitrescu is about to get up close and personal.