Retro Goal makes the transfer to Nintendo Switch, pre-order for a big discount

Take to the pixelated pitch.

Image via New Star Games

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Developer New Star Games has a good track record for retro-based sports games on mobile. The studio’s titles are most reminiscent of the Tecmo Bowl series, though these games have modern trappings that you’d find in the career modes of other sports games, like signing new players and managing morale. Earlier this year, the team successfully ported its football game Retro Bowl over to the Nintendo Switch and the team is doing the same with its soccer sim Retro Goal. If you act fast, you can also score a big discount.

Retro Goal will hit the Switch on November 24, which is Thanksgiving in the U.S. While soccer might not be the usual sports pairing with the holiday, this year is a bit different with the FIFA World Cup airing. Having a new soccer game to play while you’re watching the world’s game on the grandest stage seems like it will be as big of a hit combo as turkey and pumpkin pie. As mentioned, if you pre-order before launch, you’ll get a nice discount — 60%, to be exact.

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One question prospective players may have is how much of Retro Goal’s mobile monetization will transfer over to the Switch. On mobile, you can spend money to unlock better players and add them to your team. The most likely scenario is that it will follow Retro Bowl’s path and take them out entirely, making the players only earnable through in-game play. This could be a big positive for fans of the game as they won’t have to shell out extra cash to get top players.

Either way, this is a robust offering for fans of classic, arcade sports action. Retro Goal brings together nearly 500 playable teams across 24 different leagues, giving you all kinds of choices. The arcade gameplay won’t be as in-depth as something like FIFA, but it’s still good fun on mobile and should easily translate to the Switch.