Riot Games teases Lucian, Senna, and Viego in the new Wild Rift video

Brace yourself for three new champions in Wild Rift.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games have given fans the first glimpses of the next three champions coming to Wild Rift. Lucian, Senna, and Viego are the three champions featured in the teaser, hinting at their arrival in the game. The champions will likely be a part of a new event release.

The teaser, titled “Ruination: The End Begins,” kicks off with Viego getting consumed by the dark mist. He turns into the Ruined King and continues to terrorize the Blessed Isles known turned into Dark Isles. Defenders of light, hence Lucian and Senna, continue their journey to fight against the dark. The two factions go back and forth with no clear winner ever.

Viego is a versatile champion that can be played in both the solo lanes and in the Jungle as well. Lucian and Senna, on the other hand, are marksmen that pack a lot of damage. Lucian is an AD carry that can also be played in solo lanes while Senna is a support champion that can be played as primary AD carry if needed

The release date for the upcoming champions is yet to be revealed. The champions will likely drop along with a new event that somehow pits light and dark against each other.