League of Legends: Wild Rift Jayce build guide – best items, runes, skills, and combos

Jayce’s best build.

Image via Riot Games

Along with Caitlyn, Jayce has joined the increasing list of Wild Rift champions. Jayce, who is one of the main characters in Arcane, is a unique champion capable of wielding both ranged and melee weapons.

Jayce skills and combos

Jayce abilities are as follows:

  • Hextech Capacitor (Passive): Jayce can switch between Mercury Hammer (melee) and Mercury Cannon (ranged). Upon switching between forms, Jayce gets additional movement speed for a brief moment.
  • To the Skies! (Hammer form): Jayce leaps to the targeted location smashing his hammer on the surface. Players on the targeted spot take physical damage and are slowed for a brief moment.
  • Shock Blast(Cannon form): Jayce fires a shock blast that deals damage to all the enemies hit. If the shock blast passes through Acceleration Gate, its speed increases, and it deals bonus damage.
  • Lighting Field (Hammer form): Jayce creates an electric field around himself for 4 seconds, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies every second.
  • Hyper Charge (Cannon form): Jayce gets a bonus attack speed for his next three basic attacks.
  • Thundering Blow (Hammer form): Jayce strikes the targeted enemy with his hammer, inflicting magical damage and knocking them backward.
  • Acceleration Gate (Cannon form): Jayce activates an energy gate at the specified spot for 4 seconds, allowing him to see the entire territory. All allied champions who pass through the gate will gain a bonus movement speed.
  • Transform (Ultimate): Jayce transforms his weapon into its other form.

Jayce is one of the more complicated champions in the game. The constant switching between weapons can be difficult to grasp, especially if you are new to the champion. However, once mastered, Jayce can be incredibly satisfying and rewarding to play. Here are some of the combos that Jayce players can utilize in a game for better results.

  • Easy lane combo: Acceleration Gate-Shock Blast-Hyper Charge-Basic Attacks
  • Burst Combo: Hyper Charge-Basic Attacks-Transform-To the Skies!-Thundering Blow
  • All in Combo: Acceleration Gate-Shock Blast-To the Skies!-Hyper Charge-Basic Attacks

Best Runes for Jayce

The standard primary keystone choice for Jayce would be Conqueror in most matchups. However, you can also take Aery, which makes your lane presence and early game stronger. Brutal can be the secondary choice of keystone as it increases your damage and grants penetration. Since you are fairly squishy, Adaptive Carapace is an excellent selection since it gives you a bunch of resistance when you are below 50% Health. Finally, round off the rune build with Sweet Tooth, which increases the healing received from Honeyfruit.

Recommended Rune path: Conqueror, Brutal, Adaptive Carapace, and Sweet Tooth

Best item build for Jayce

Jayce is a Mana-hungry champion which can be tough to manage in the early stages of the game. However, starting the game with Tear of the Goddess and eventually turning it into Manamune will cover all your Mana issues. After the first item, Jayce’s item set revolves around building Lethality and physical damage. Youmuu’s Ghostblade and Black Cleaver complete the core build for Jayce. Serylda’s Grudge is another good pickup if you want to apply a slow debuff on your attacks. Finally, Guardian Angel will be the last buy in most cases since it provides additional survivability.

Best item build for Caitlyn: Manamune, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Black Cleaver, Zhonya’s HourglassSerylda’s Grudge, and Guardian Angel