Best settings for League of Legends: Wild Rift

Get the best experience with these settings.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the mobile version of one of the most popular PVP fast-paced action-strategy MOBA games, League of Legends. There are a total of five players in a team, and each player has to pick a champion with special abilities of his choice to go against the enemies.

The players can go by lanes or jungle to destroy the defensive turrets, and an inhibitor stands to reach the enemy base and destroy it. The team that destroys the base of the other team first becomes the winner of the game.

As much as the strategy and skills matter to win the match, having the best settings is a must for a quick reaction and easy access to every control. Here’s our advice on the best settings for Wild Rift.

General Settings

Image via Wild Rift
  • In-Game Chat: Team
  • Display Match Result: On
  • Open Invitation: On
  • Hide Friend Requests: Off
  • Invite Pop-Up: On
  • Chat Filter: On
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Image via Wild Rift
  • Shadow Quality: High
  • Texture Quality: High
  • Model Quality: High
  • Effects Quality: High
  • 60 FPS: On
  • Resolution: High
  • Prefab Setting 10326: On
  • Floating Text: Off
  • Interface Animations: Off
  • Character Inking: Off
  • Map Brightness: 60%
  • FOW Brightness: 60%
  • Screen Edge Offset: Nil


Image via Wild Rift


  • Portrait Lock: On
  • Targeting Priority: Low Health (%)
  • Force Attack Follow: Off
  • Dash in Move Direction: Off

Action Buttons

  • Lock Move Stick: On
  • Locked Button Centers: Off
  • Action Cancel Method: Default
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  • Aim Panning: On
  • Camera Pan Sensitivity: 60%
  • Ability Mini-Cam: On
  • Death & Spectate Panning: Natural
  • Semi-Lock Camera: Off


  • Minimap Auto Pathing: Off
  • Warding Aim Assist: Off
  • Level-Up Suggestions: On
  • Auto Level-Up: Off


Image via Wild Rift
  • Vibrate Alert: On
  • Sound Effects: 80%
  • Champion VO: 80%
  • Music: 30%
  • Voice Chat: 80%