Dead Cells’ Rise of the Giant DLC Coming to the Switch on May 23

 Dead Cells’ Rise of the Giant DLC Coming to the Switch on May 23

Dead Cells developers Motion Twin says they’re going to bring the game’s Rise of the Giant DLC to the Nintendo Switch on May 23, announced earlier today. Rise of the Giant first came to the game’s PC platform, and this massive DLC was released for free, similar to the Switch’s model.

Fans who have been following Dead Cells’ development are eager to see this expansion spread to other systems. The DLC builds on an already large dungeon-crawling experience. Not only are players going to find two new levels to explore, but there are ten new enemies, bosses, ten weapons, a handful of skills, and players can now customize their main character with over 50 skins. Players are going to have to find these skins, though, much like they did the weapons in the game.

You’re going to find the new enemies throughout the entire game. When they unlock for the DLC, you’re going to find them all over, not only in the new areas. This mix-up could force players to change up their strategies when approaching their old stomping grounds as they progress through the game.

We know the first new area is called Cavern. The second area is a bit more secretive, and to unlock that area you must defeat Boss-Cells five times before you gain access to it. After you’ve taken them out multiple times, you’ll gain access to the last new area, and you’ll try your hand a brand new boss.

There’s still no word on when Motion Twin plan to bring the update to the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One Dead Cells copies.

For now, Nintendo Switch players can anticipate updating their copy of Dead Cells on May 23 and jumping into a brand new adventure with plenty of unique things to unlock for their next journey.

Dead Cells – Rise of the Giant Trailer

The Rise of the Giant DLC adds new levels, new bosses, tons of new enemies, weapons, skills and even a pet owl. Check out the music by Valmont here: