Rocksteady’s next game is reportedly Suicide Squad

New rumor about Batman Arkham’s creators.

Batman: Arkham Origins Copperhead screen 3

According to a new rumor, Rocksteady’s next game is set to be about Suicide Squad. The rumor comes from former Game Informer’s senior editor Imran Khan during a recent Kinda Funny Games Daily broadcast.

While he didn’t offer specific details, Khan clearly mentioned that “I have heard Rocksteady’s next game is Suicide Squad” at minute 15:05.

The title is now supposed to be revealed at DC Fandome, a 24-hour long digital event where new WB Games announcements will be offered.

It is not clear how that would connect if it’ll do at all, to the DC movie universe and/or the comic books, although there’s sure much room to do so in terms of narrative.

Rocksteady’s next game has been rumored for a long while as the studio’s last title was Batman Arkham Knight, and was released in 2015. The team has been linked to a game as a service production revolving DC heroes in past rumors, and that would fit rather well this Suicide Squad mention.

The developer was also linked to a Superman game, but it looks like some of those pitched have been canceled before they could be shown in public.

On the other end, rumors and teasers point at Warner Bros. Montreal’s next game to be a soft reboot of the Arkhamverse revolving around the Batfamily and the Court of Owls.