Superman, Suicide Squad canceled games resurface in leaked concept arts

Not in development anymore.

Warner Bros' Superman Game Leaked Screenshot

James Sigfield, a well-known DC insider, has shared new concept arts about Suicide Squad and Superman canceled games.

Suicide Squad and Superman titles have been rumored to have been in development at Montreal’s Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment studio, but never saw the light of day for an array of reasons.

The concept arts in the tweet below provide us with a look at a person who seemingly might be Lex Luthor in prison and an overview of Metropolis. Also, Harley Quinn is starring in a sketch, serving as the most iconic character in the Suicide Squad.

The existence of a Suicide Squad game has been known for a while. It was even teased in a post-credits scene in Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate.

In 2016, we learned that the game was being shelved in favor of a brand new Batman title, due to the inability to ship it in time for the release of the Suicide Squad movie and its disappointing reception.

Superman games also had a troubled track record, with at least two titles having been canceled throughout the years.

A recent rumor pointed that Rocksteady could be working on a new one, but the Batman Arkham franchise creator debunked it. 

Currently, it’s not clear what Rocksteady could be working on; instead, WBIE Montreal should be working on a service game revolving around the Bat-Family.