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Sea of Stars Fans Over The Moon That The Game Has Gone Gold

One month ahead of its release date, Sea of Stars has gone gold to the tune of hundreds of positive comments from fans.

Developer Sabotage Studio’s RPG prequel to its 2018 action platformer The Messenger, has officially gone gold one month ahead of its release date. This means that version 1.0 for Sea of Stars is complete, and the team will begin work on bug fixes and optimization for a future patch.

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When a game goes gold, it’s usually dedicated fans of the title and those who have played the developer’s other works that are excited. In Sea of Stars’ case though, everyone that hears the news is ecstatic and can’t wait to play, even those just now discovering its existence.

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Sea of Stars is Still Drawing in New Fans as it Goes Gold

The news was shared in the last 24 hours that Sea of Stars had gone gold. As many fans will know, this means that the bulk of development is complete, and the code is pretty much ready to be shipped to distributors. In response to the news, fans have magnified how the development team must feel, eagerly posting hundreds of positive comments about the title in anticipation of playing it.

Most fans have responded with some variation of “My most anticipated game of 2023.” A few are already asking about physical editions for all platforms, of which there’s no news just yet. However, Sabotage Studio has hinted that it’ll be revealing where players can pick up a physical copy very soon.

Some people have pointed out what may be the only downfall of Sea of Stars’ August 29 release date. One fan said, “Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield and Sea of Stars, all within a few weeks. Thank god Eiyuden Chronicle god delayed to Q2 2024, otherwise it would be impossible to play all of these.”

The title launches just ahead of the biggest release period of 2023, with some of the most highly-anticipated games in history hitting storefronts. Thankfully, it seems as though fans already have their priorities straightened out and are planning on blasting through Sea of Stars before Starfield rears its head.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this thread of comments is the fact that the game is still drawing in new fans.

Sea of Stars is an RPG with some incredibly deep mechanics that lean heavily into a genre that isn’t as approachable as most games that release. However, that doesn’t seem to be putting anyone off. It’s a testament to the work that the developer has put into the music, visuals, and story through the demo, all of which have drawn fans in and made them ravenous for more.

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