Sea of Stars Release New Mini Site Detailing the Creation of Games Stunning Music and Sound Design

The mini-site showcases the teams’ stellar composers and their hard work in Sea of Stars.


Image via Sabotage Studios

With Sea of Stars only a few days away, developers Sabotage Studios have decided to treat fans to the sounds of the game with a newly released website featuring music, sounds, and details on the game’s sound design and its composers.

The site includes several tracks, information on its talented designers and composers, and videos of the people who made it happen. It’s a real treat for your ears and a great way to celebrate the game’s music.

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The Mini-Site Gives an Extensive Look at the Sounds and Music in the Upcoming JRPG

Image via Sabotage Studios

The newly released site by Sabotage Studio is dedicated to the audio and sound design of Sea of Stars and gives players a look into some of the tracks and sound effects they can expect from the upcoming title.

Starting with a message from the lead composer and audio designer, Eric W. Brown, he details the studio’s approach to “modernizing retro aesthetics while keeping what matters from the bygone era” and how that applies to the sound and music of their games. He also details some of the game features regarding sound, including the different versions of tracks for night and day and the collaborative nature of the project that helped make the music so captivating.

The site also showcases Sea of Stars’ complete list of composers, including Yasunori Mitsuda, who has previously worked on the Xenos series and Chrono Trigger, one of the game’s biggest inspirations. Alongside them, you have Brown, Vincent Jake Jones, and Reece Miller, who all contributed their talents to game audio and music, which is also featured extensively on the site.

Image via Sabotage Studio

There are multiple track previews for the different areas in the game, including Coral Cascades by Mitsuda, and features their day and night versions, capturing different vibes that fit into the game. There are also multiple sound effects to preview, including cooking, combat, ambiance, and enemies, all of which share the same level or quality. To top it off, there’s a look at the “Bardcore” band, a set of pirates the players will meet who lighten the mood during the adventure with music using a concertina, double bass, mandolin, and bohdran, to name a few. They also include a video of Miller playing a track in this style.

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Sea of Stars looks to be a real standout of the year, and our impressions of the demo were fantastic. This mini-site showcases more of the passionate members of the team and their hard work, and we can’t wait to see and hear the rest of the game.

Sea of Stars launches on August 29 for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.