Sea of Thieves 2022 preview event will reveal “the biggest year yet” this week

Get ready for a bountiful year.

Image via Rare

Get ready for a whole lot of sailing puns: Sea of Thieves developer Rare will be streaming a 2022 preview event for its popular pirate game this week. New characters, locations, and features are all on the table for potential announcements.

Rare teased the event on Twitter, with a brief video promising “a boatload of new, exciting surprises” for “the biggest year yet” for Sea of Thieves. Despite the short length, there are still a few intriguing shots in the teaser that have fans talking. There’s a pirate who’s specifically only shown in shadow, with their back to the camera — perhaps an important new story character. There’s also a new fortress island with several neat little details, like new plants and an unknown faction symbol.

It won’t be long before more details are revealed. The 2022 preview event airs Thursday, January 27 at 6 PM GMT / 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT on the Sea of Thieves YouTube channel. These details will also be shared on Twitter as the stream goes on.

If you’re planning to come aboard Sea of Thieves for the first time in 2022, then you’ll probably need a few pointers. We can show you how to report players who give you grief and how to fix the Coralbeard error that shows up from time to time.