Second Halo Infinite ‘UNSC Archives’ teaser shares grapple hook lore

A micro-movie that takes place in the Halo Universe.

Image via 343 Industries

343 Industries has shared another “UNSC Archives” teaser video that further adds to the lore for Halo Infinite. The first Archive center on the creation of the iconic energy shield from the Halo games. This new Archive teaser shows the creation of the grapple hook introduced in Halo: Infinite.

The two “UNSC Archive” teasers act like micro-movies — both videos featuring real-life actors and tell a short story. They’re only a few minutes long, mostly just going over how the tool was created and the obstacles that the characters had to overcome to achieve their goals. In the first Archive — called Unspoken — Lance Corporal Chris Preston created the energy shield in honor of his fallen comrade.

In the new “UNSC Archive” — called Project Magnes — an engineer came up with the idea for the grappling hook. However, the UNSC initially rejected the offer, forcing her to try to invent it on her own in seclusion. The video shows the daily life of the engineer, showing her constantly failed attempts to test the grapple, talking to her daughter over the video, and her increasing feelings of uncertainty. The video ends with a moment of triumph though, when test 78 of the grappling hook proved successful.

The “UNSC Archive” are cool new ways of looking at the history of Halo, giving fans a taste of the universe that doesn’t strictly focus on Master Chief or the Covenant. While it has been a long road for Halo Infinite to get released, it’s promotions like the “UNSC Archives” that make the December 8 release day seem more imminent.