Seth Rogen Donkey Kong solo movie reportedly in the works

If the DK Rap doesn’t play over the credits…

Image via Nintendo

We’ve known about Super Mario Bros: The Movie for some time now, and it seems we’re getting a spinoff too. Donkey Kong is reportedly getting his own solo film.

Giant Freaking Robot reports that Illumination, the studio behind next year’s Mario movie, has signed Seth Rogen to a Donkey Kong-focused flick. Rogen voices DK as a supporting character in the flagship film, which will then dovetail into a spinoff. DK’s grandfather Cranky Kong, voiced by Fred Armisen, will also appear in the Mario movie. There’s currently no word about his return in the reported DK spinoff, but we have to imagine he’ll be included too. The DK family is large, so characters like Diddy, Candy, and Funky would likely be a part of the story. Lanky Kong or bust.

Rogen and Armisen are just a part of the voice cast for the Mario film, of course. Mario himself will be voiced by Chris Pratt, while notable names like Anya Taylor-Joy (Peach), Charlie Day (Luigi), and Jack Black (Bowser) are on the roster too. The list of all voice actors in the movie is pretty stacked.

As for when we can see the Mushroom Kingdom cast on the big screen, the Super Mario Bros movie comes to theaters on December 21, 2022. That’s 40 years after Mario and DK first appeared in the Donkey Kong arcade game.