Sifu update adds Mandarin Chinese voice acting for PC, coming to PlayStation soon

Infinite loop exploits have been fixed too.

Image via Sloclap

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Some Sifu players were disappointed to learn that the game, despite supposedly being steeped in Chinese culture and being all about kung fu, lacked any Chinese voice acting. Developer Sloclap appears to have taken notice of this and has now added an option for Chinese Mandarin voices.

This comes as part of the 1.07 update which is already live for PC. Fortunately, PlayStation owners won’t have to wait much longer as it will become available for their platform on March 7. Aside from the new voice acting option, perhaps the most important change is how shrine unlocks work. Originally, shrine unlocks would only remain if you beat a level at a younger age. Now, they will always save once you beat a level, making it easier to try out a new build if you want to change things up.

A full list of fixes and changes can be found on the game’s official website. Aside from unspecified bugs and crashes, certain exploits have been patched out, such as one that lets you keep hitting downed enemies with a sweep attack. So, anyone who took advantage of these infinite loops will need to learn some new strategies.

This especially applies to the boss fight with Kuroki who could be defeated with an infinite loop exploit using the Blade technique. This is no longer the case with the update, so anyone looking to redo the fight should best get to practicing.