Silent Hill film director breaks silence on multiple games in development during interview

Is the Silent Hill revival inevitable?

Image via Silent Hill Memories

The director of the original 2006 Silent Hill movie appeared as a guest of honor at the 2022 Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival and brought to light some very interesting information about the Silent Hill series. In an 18-minute one-on-one interview with the director Christophe Gans, after a bit of discussion about his career and future movies in the making, the interviewer also asks about the Silent Hill video game series.

In this interview, the director states that he “knows a bit about the [next Silent Hill game].” He continues by saying that he was “working with the original creators at Konami” and that “there are several games in development as we speak.”

If that wasn’t enough, he also seems to confirm many rumors by remarking that “there are several teams on it with a big line of games. They will revive the franchise. I think [Konami] were really impressed by the success of the remakes of Resident Evil, which are evidently exceptional games.”

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Christophe Gans does state afterward that he is not directly working on these projects, but that he is working with Konami on something else. That is his explanation of how he found out about the revival of the Silent Hill series.

With the recent news about the Bloober Team Silent Hill 2 remake and the unexpected rating in South Korea for an unknown Silent Hill game, The Short Message, things are starting to take shape. Though the CEO of Bloober Team is still trying to keep the lid on Konami’s plans, these recent talks with Silent Hill director Christophe Gans seem only to reinforce the hopes of the fans. All we can say is that the rumors of a Silent Hill comeback are starting to become the truth.