Silent Hill F debuts with a disturbing, body-horror filled teaser

What is in store for fans in this newest entry of Silent Hill?

Image via Konami

During the Silent Hill Transmission event, Konami revealed the newest entry of the Silent Hill series: Silent Hill F. In the trailer, players got to see flowers and red roots covering a town that seems to be in Japan. In one part, we see a young, injured woman walking up some stairs but the red roots grab her. As the roots wrap around her, a dark-red trail starts to appear on her body. Even as she breaks free from these roots, the mark they left is still there.

Toward the end of the trailer, that same girl is in a dark area on top of a flowerbed and surrounded by corpses with holes in them. Red spider lilies begin to grow out of the holes and then eventually, flowers cover the girl. The last shot of the trailer is of the girl, who’s now completely covered in flowers, has her face fall off.

Image via Konami

While none of the story was revealed in the presentation, the footage makes it looks like it will take place in Japan and is heavily inspired by Japanese folklore, a departure from the series as they all have taken place in a Western setting. For example, the red spider lilies that grew out of the corpses is a Japanese flower that’s associated with death. The game’s story is done by Ryukishi07, the creator of the iconic Japanese sound novel horror series When They Cry. The actual game development is being led by Neobards Entertainment, which is also working on Resident Evil Re:Verse.

Silent Hill F was leaked a while back along with many of the other titles, such as the Silent Hill 2 Remake, with images appearing online. One of the images that could have pertained to Silent Hill F, in particular, was a drawn image of a hallway covered in papers. At the end of that hallway was a humanoid figure with flower blossoms covering its head. Given the body horror that was displayed in the game’s trailer, it is highly probable that the concept art could have been for this game.