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Somehow clinging to life, Team Fortress 2 will get a big summer update

The game that just won't die.

Team Fortress 2, the game that saw its peak of popularity before Disney even owned Star Wars, is trending again. This 2007 cooperative shooter hasn’t received substantial updates in years, and yet it still retains a large fanbase and presence on Steam. Now, the Team Fortress 2 community finally has something to talk about as Valve has released a brief blog post to tell fans that the game will be receiving an actual content-filled update this summer…with some question marks alongside it.

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The mentioned blog post states that Valve is planning on shipping a “full-on update-sized update” this summer. They go on to say that it will contain new items, maps, taunts, unusual effects, war paints, and more. Previous updates throughout the years have only added item updates, so this additional content is stirring up a lot of discussion where ever TF2 fans congregate.

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However, the post also sends a call to arms for Steam Workshop creators to get to work on creating new content and submitting it to the Steam Workshop by May 1. This leads many fans to question whether this update will be worthwhile, or just more user-generated content. Some of the community is clinging to the “more” part of the announced update to hope for something entirely new and incredible to get them back into the game.

Team Fortress 2 is not a dead game. It continues to be quite a popular Steam title with a devoted fan base who make it known that the game could use some love. Players have raised awareness about problems including bugs, bots, and neglect. Unfortunately, many of those cries for change have gone unanswered, though this summer update may finally give them the answers that they seek.

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