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Sonic Frontiers is leaking, first thing leaker does is draw an Amogus

What's the first thing you would do in Sonic Frontiers?

The pre-release period of Sonic Frontiers has given us a lot of content recently, from official teaser trailers to leaks, giving players a better idea of what they can expect from the game when it releases later this month. The latest leak comes from a 4chan thread, and it has a player choosing to draw a particular meme-y shape on the map with Sonic’s super speed.

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The leaker had Sonic draw a familiar on their map, while they had yet to explore it fully. The shape is similar to that of an Among Us crewmate, visor and all. It’s not an exact drawing of a crewmate, but the form is still visible. The shape has been drawn with Sonic starting from the top and then making adjustments as they race their way to the bottom. They’re not able to fully complete the shape, but what they are able to draw has been done with decent accuracy.

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It’s a silly meme, but it is a good way to show players how precise Sonic can run in Sonic Frontiers and the average size of Sonic’s travel path.

Sonic Frontiers is more 3D action than open world game, and players will not likely get the chance to create many drawings of their own. They still need to get from one point to the next while performing various cool movements over multiple obstacles. There are opportunities for in-game art if players do their best to actively create some form of imagery in the game itself.

Sonic Frontiers will be arriving on November 8. The game has gone gold, and there will be no delays as the release date inches closer. Players will be able to explore the open zones for themselves and possibly do their best to have Sonic move around to draw their own images.

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