Sony Announces Smaller PS5 Slim Coming Holiday 2023

Two new slim PS5 models are coming just in time for the 2023 holiday season.

Image Via Sony

The next iteration of the PlayStation 5 is on its way, as Sony has announced two new PS5 models for the 2023 holiday season. While these consoles won’t be beefier in terms of specs, they will take up a lot less space in your living room, as they’re designed to be much smaller than the current PS5 models.

There have been rumors about new PS5 models since the console launched, partly due to how bulky the base versions of the system are. The PS5 dwarfs the Xbox Series X in terms of size, almost to a comical degree. As such, many speculated that the first mid-cycle revision for the system would cut down on size, with Sony bringing a slimmer model to the marketplace.

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Two Slim PS5 Models Are Coming In November 2023

A new post on the official PlayStation Blog has announced two new PS5 models will be released in November. Like the current PS5 line, there is a digital-only console and one with a disk drive. Unlike the current systems, you can buy an optional disk drive for the digital model, which will retail at $79.99. The official PlayStation YouTube channel shows a video of both consoles on display.

The two systems have the same hardware specs as the current PS5, including 1TB of internal storage. The big change is in size, as the systems are roughly 30% smaller than the current PS5s. Sony has announced that these will become the standard units once the existing PS5s have sold out. The new PS5s will launch in November (no set release date given), with the disk version selling for $499.99, while the digital-only version will sell for $449.99.

Sony has also announced that the slim PS5s will come with a new vertical stand, which will be on sale separately, as it’s compatible with the current PS5s. This new horizontal stand has a ring around it, making it sturdier and less likely to tip your console over. The horizontal stand will sell for $29.99.

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The people turned off by the sheer size of the current PS5s will finally have their patience rewarded, as this new slim model will finally cut down on the unit space that you need to own one of these systems. The current PS5s can struggle to fit in many home entertainment units, so this new model might finally solve the storage issue that plagues the current consoles.