How To Stream PS5 To Discord

Owning a PS5 is extremely fun, but how does one let their friends watch them play their favorite games on Discord? Here’s how.

Image via PlayStation

Discord is one of the leading apps for communication between gamers, and many use it on their consoles for streaming and voice chat. While many consoles offer apps like Discord or Twitch via the app store, setting them up on the PlayStation 5 requires a few extra steps. Below is the process for setting Discord up on the PS5.

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How To Share PS5 Stream To Discord

PS Remote App
Image via Sony

To stream a PS5 screen to a Discord server and voice call, you will first need to download PS Remote Play on their PC. This app will allow you to get a connection between your console and PC. Below are the steps to install the application and use it for Discord streaming.

  • Install the PS Remote Play app on a PC that will be used for Discord.
  • Once signed in, make sure that the app is synced up with the PS5 being used for display.
  • To stream to Discord, make sure that a call is open to receive the stream being shared.
  • Select the “Share Your Screen” option and pick the window that is the PS Remote Play.

When doing any type of streaming, especially through a console-to-pc setup, it is important to check your internet speed and bandwidth before getting started and use a PC with good specs to ensure a good connection. Additionally, anyone using a laptop as their device with PS Remote Play will want to ensure their PC is plugged into a power supply. This will ensure the device doesn’t lose power during the stream. It can also kick a laptop into high-performance mode, to ensure the device stays cool and is providing the required power to the stream instead of entering a power-saving mode.

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While not the most intuitive or easy-to-use setup, being able to stream PS5 gameplay to Discord is a fantastic way to play with friends. Hopefully, the PS5 will introduce a Discord app in the near future, to make sharing gameplay even easier while using the console.