SoS: A Wonderful Life Players Question Why Children Are So Creepy

Story of Seasons prepares players for the worst parts of parenthood.

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In Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, you can embrace the peacefulness of farm life. It’s all rainbows and butterflies until you decide to expand your family tree and pop out a precious little nugget with your in-game spouse. These mini-humans are designed to be oh-so-adorable, making you think you’ve stumbled into a virtual parenting simulation. Forget leveling up crops; you have to level up your parenting skills.

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However, a peculiar discovery has left some players scratching their heads and shuddering in amusement. The children in the game seem to have a knack for uttering bizarre and slightly creepy dialogue. The Reddit community has taken notice, with players sharing their unsettling encounters with their virtual offspring.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Kids Are Creepy, Players Say

One player expressed their bewilderment, humorously suggesting that the developers intentionally added these eerie lines to mess with their audience. Another player shared their unnerving experience, describing their daughter’s unsettling question, “Where friend?” followed by mention of a mysterious “saw girl.” These instances have left players simultaneously amused and unnerved, wondering what could be behind this peculiar game aspect.

Reddit user tozma has devised a captivating theory about the creepy dialogue spoken by the in-game children. It revolves around a character named Mukumuku, who is known to interact with kids in the game. Clues such as the child eagerly anticipating Mukumuku’s return each year and spending lots of time in Mukumuku’s area have fueled this theory. Hugh’s vague mentions of seeing Mukumuku as a child adds to the intrigue, suggesting that Mukumuku may only appear to children and particular individuals. It’s like having an invisible friend you can’t see as a teenager. So, could Mukumuku be the mysterious friend of the game’s spooky children?

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While the true intentions behind the children’s unsettling dialogue in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life remain mysterious, players continue to enjoy the game’s quirky and enigmatic charm. Whether it’s a clever prank by the developers or a hidden connection to the enigmatic Mukumuku, this peculiar aspect has added an extra layer of amusement and intrigue to the farming simulation.