Spelljammer Comes To Neverwinter & Shoots Players Into Wildspace

Neverwinter Module 27: Spelljammer takes players to new heights with the new Adventure Zone Wildspace. It’s time to hit warp speed.

SpellJammer Module 27 Neverwinter

Image via Cryptic Studios

Neverwinter updates mean new adventures for fans of the Dungeons & Dragons-inspired MMORPG – and Module 27: Spelljammer may be the most exciting challenge yet. Leaving the Demon Web Pitts, and Menzobarranzan behind, fans will be able to combine sci-fi and fantasy as new adventures take them into Wildspace.

Spelljammer, a campaign original released in the late ’80s, challenges the concepts of the fantasy premise of D&D, giving players a Star Trek-reminiscent twist aboard “Helms”, the Spelljammer equivalent of spaceships. Recently republished for 5E in 2022, Spelljammer is fresh in the minds of D&D players, and may even be the premise of numerous campaigns being run around the world. This makes the debut of Spelljammer in Neverwinter an exciting opportunity to take gameplay in a new direction.

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Spelljammer Sets Sail in Neverwinter As Stars Fall From The Sky

SpellJammer Neverwinter combat
Image via Cryptic Studios

Neverwinter’s Module 27: Spelljammer is available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox a November 7, 2023. The campaigns story will take players into space via a new Adventure Zone.

Those getting started will receive reports of a strange occurrence happening across Toril – falling stars have stirred unrest, and the player is called on to investigate what could be causing the phenomenon. Party members will face off against Astral Elves of the Xaryzian Empire, and have the opportunity to board a Spelljammer ship that will take them to space.

Aboard the Moondancer, players will be able to access Wildspace, the new Adventure Zone for Module 27. This unique zone is made up of multiple locations, and each offers the opportunity to unravel mysteries and solve quests and challenges.

Alongside Module 27, Neverwinter fans will also see a slew of quality-of-life improvements added to the game. This includes an update to the Boon System that offers the ability to unlock multiple Master Boons. The update also includes a Trial Interface update, Paladin Class update, and Barbarian Sentinel update. Both class updates address issues reported by players, which should improve the playability of each option.

Spelljammer is an adventure no Neverwinter player is going to want to miss out on. With space just a spaceship’s jump away, and new challenges awaiting party members in Wildspace, Module 27 is sure to be an exciting opportunity for fans of the MMORPG.