Neverwinter Module 26 Preview – Dive Into The Demonweb Pits

Neverwinter players will descend deep into the Demonweb pits to challenge a fearsome boss in Module 26, and Gamepur has had an early look.

Demonweb Pits Neverwinter Module 26 Preview Cover

Image via Cryptic Studios

Every new module in Neverwinter, the D&D-inspired MMORPG from Cryptic Studios, has a new challenge for players to tackle. Module 26: Demonweb Pits takes them to a whole new extreme as players leave Menzoberranzan to challenge one of the most fearsome powers of the Underdark, the demon goddess Lolth.

While the idea of tackling the Spider Queen may leave well-versed D&D fans shaking in their adventure boots, Gamepur has had the opportunity to preview the Module and offer some tips for how to stay alive in the web-filled dungeon.

Narbondellyn Adds A New Adventure Zone To Menzoberranzan

Neverwinter preview Narbondellyn
Image via Cryptic Studios

The story of Module 26: Demonweb Pits picks up right after Neverwinter’s 25 Module, with players still deep in Menzoberranzan. In an attempt to understand what is happening around the Underdark, players will head to a new adventure zone, Narbondellyn.

In the preview, we had a chance to look around the new adventure zone, which is brought to life with towering buildings and detailed structures. I could easily have spent hours looking around the neighborhood, investigating the nooks and crannies, and learning more about the new Hunts that are featured in this location. However, with evil afoot, we instead headed to the House Fey-Branche to find the Realm Engine needed to descend into the Demonweb Pits.

The first Neverwinter boss encountered was in this new zone, where we faced off against Commander Sikasila. The Marilith possess a human torso, a snake-like bottom, and six arms, all wielding weapons. The battle against the Commander wasn’t easy, as she moved surprisingly fast, and also Mirror Images that must be defeated.

Down Into The Demonweb Pits in Neverwinter Module 26

Neverwinter Demon Web Pits Dungeon
Image via Cryptic Studios

Down in the Demonweb Pits, Neverwinter players will be pit against powerful bosses, but with rewards that make the challenge more than worth the effort. When playing through Master Difficulty Mode, there is an opportunity to obtain The Perfect Lolth weapons. Additionally, the Abyss Striker’s Gear can be obtained by earning the Lolth’s Webbing and Lolth’s Ruin from Advanced and Master playthroughs of the dungeon. Players looking for additional gear can also snag the Abyss Conqueror Gear after defeating the Demonweb Pit bosses on Master Mode.

However, knowing this loot is waiting to be claimed doesn’t take away from the terror of running through the Demonweb Pits. Made of stone pathways and platforms that hover freely in the abyss, players must make their way to where Lolth is waiting to challenge them. It is important to watch your step, as it is possible to fall from the platforms and plummet to an unfortunate death.

While Neverwinter players are used to going up against mighty challenges in their adventures throughout the game, it can be clearly stated that Lolth is on a different level from past encounters. The demon goddess possesses the body of a massive spider, with her elven torso attached. The design in absolutely terrifying – and the perfect indicator of the multi-staged battle that must be tackled.

To avoid spoilers, we can say that it is important to be in top form, with a healer in the party, before taking this challenge on. Additionally, players will want to carefully observe the arena Lolth lurks in, as not everything is as clear-cut as it seems. The terrain can change suddenly throughout different stages of the battle.


Neverwinter Module 26: Demonweb Pits is a bone-chilling, spider-infested nightmare ride I would get on over and over again. The thrill of the battles, the intensity of the storyline, and the immersion in the environment are a delight to fall into. It is a chapter loaded with D&D lore and excellent storytelling that kept me entirely wrapped up from start to finish.

With our time in Menzoberranzan coming to a close, it will be exciting to see where Neverwinter goes next after players vanquish Lolth in the Demonweb Pits.