Splatoon 3 patch notes promise to improve connection issues, fix nasty Tacticooler exploit

The latest patch notes include reworks on multiplayer and player control.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo announced that a new software update for Splatoon 3 will be available today. The software update is Version 1.1.2, and the company shared the full patch notes on Nintendo’s Support website. The patch notes promise to fix a particularly bad Tacticooler exploit that has been plaguing the game for some time, as well as improve the connection issues and fix some issues with multiplayer.

Version 1.1.2 will implement a new measurement to reduce the frequency of communication errors players get after a battle or job shift. The patch will also fix a bug where players with dualies stop attacking and instead enter swim form at the end of a Dodge Roll, whether the player is holding the ZR button or not. A similar glitch with the Drop Roller gear was patched in the latest update. Before the patch, players with Drop Roller ability would automatically enter swim form at the end of their Drop Roll if they pressed the ZR button while holding the ZL button. The patch additionally fixes a glitch where players can perform two sequential horizontal slashes following a charged slash.

The update further fixed several problems with the multiplayer, including patching up a glitch where players will not take damage for a limited time after their Booyah Bomb armor gets destroyed. The patch is also making it less likely for players to clip through the terrain, preventing players from using a well-known Tacticooler glitch where they can glitch through a map if they place a Tacticooler in a corner. Version 1.1.2 additionally fixes some bugs that caused the game to crash. Before the update, players sometimes experienced crashing after editing their locker if a photo stand was inside.

The patch further fixes a communication error when a player receives a new catalog after reaching catalog level 100. Players have reported not receiving their Super Sea Snails after the first Splatfest. Versions 1.1.2 will replay the final results for the Splatfest, and players will then be able to collect their Super Sea Snails.