Splatoon 3 has some OP weapons that are splatting players through walls and floors

Sounds like it needs a new cycle.


Splatoon 3 feels both fresh and familiar, and unfortunately, the latter does include glitches. Currently, anyone wielding a Sloshing Machine or Dynamo Roller has an advantage: both weapons have been shown to be capable of splatting other players through the map, somehow getting their ink through walls, ceilings, and floors.

This first issue became apparent with the Sloshing Machine, one of several Slosher weapons that hurl big gobs of ink across the map. Splatoon player @just_pheoniiix caught one of the glitches on camera, and you can see one of their teammates get splatted seemingly out of nowhere, as a puddle of ink suddenly appears where they were standing.

Sloshing Machines aren’t just penetrating floors and ceilings though: they’ve also been proven capable of leaking through vertical surfaces. In a pair of gameplay clips, @JPSnno and @urarunrun_spla demonstrate how the Slosher can throw ink around (and seemingly right through) the Splash Wall, a support weapon that creates a protective sheet of its own ink. The second video is particularly telling, as the ink splats an opponent straight on.

Unfortunately, this glitch seems to apply to the Dynamo Roller as well. The Roller variant is mostly meant for directly colliding with enemies and surfaces, but it can also fling a bit of ink from a distance. As @Emprider demonstrates in another gameplay clip, this ink is also capable of splatting an enemy through the floor.

Clearly, this is a problem. Sloshers and Rollers aren’t intended to work this way, and splatting enemies through geometry may even be possible with additional weapons. Splatoon 3’s next update is due on September 30, but this issue is not currently listed among the planned changes. Hopefully, Nintendo can get around to it before the next Splatfest. Perhaps Team Gear wouldn’t have won the latest contest if this glitch hadn’t been happening.

In the meantime, you can check our Splatoon 3 main weapon tier list for ways to counteract the Sloshing Machine and Dynamo Roller. They may be glitched, but they’re not unstoppable.