Splatoon 3 will add the much-requested jukebox and online Tableturf Battles in Fresh Season 2023

It’s no Squid Beatz, but it’ll do.

Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 3’s Fresh Season 2023 update is just under a week away, and Nintendo has been showing off the new content and additions coming to the game every day for the past couple of weeks. Today, we got the news that two highly requested features will be in the update: The jukebox and online Tableturf Battles.

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Being able to replay music had been a staple in the previous Splatoon games, yet it was oddly absent at the launch of Splatoon 3. The Jukebox will allow players to listen to music from all three Splatoon games by paying 100 cash into the jukebox found in the lobby, including rocking tracks like Splattack and Inkcoming.

The arguably more significant addition of online Tableturf Battle matches has been requested since the game’s launch and will finally allow players to compete against each other for Tableturf supremacy. You’ll be able to play against friends and random players by heading upstairs to the lobby, where you’ll find tables set up, with up to 10 players able to join one room or 8 in the Shoal. Tableturf will also see 23 new cards be added for players to get, including familiar faces from the series.

Fresh Season 2023 will have plenty of new and returning content added to the game, including a new Special Weapon, the Super Chump, and the returning (and updated) Kraken Royale. That is in addition to the slew of new weapons and clothes for players to earn and unlock and the return of Inkoplis, the original Splatoon games player hub, thanks to the Expansion Pass, which will also include new single-player DLC later this year. It’s an excellent time to be a Splatoon 3 player, and players will not need to wait long to get their hands on this update, as it’s set to release on March 1.