Square Enix gives first look at Forspoken, from the team behind Final Fantasy XV

Project Athia finally has a real name.

Image via Square Enix (YouTube)

Luminous Productions was created while most of the team was still working on Final Fantasy XV. While finishing up work on that game, the spin-off studio started work on a new title that would eventually become the working title Project Athia. The game was first seen at last summer’s PS5 showcase event, but we haven’t seen or heard much from it since. That changed with Square Enix’s spring digital event, where the game was given an official name, new footage, and a release window.

Project Athia is now named Forspoken. The “action-packed adventure” features a woman named Frey Holland who has been thrown into a world that seemingly wants her dead. In the latest trailer, we see her hiding from a dragon, staring down a charging bear, and fighting several other beasties. We also get a great look at her parkour-filled movement abilities as she flies across the in-game world. The sense of pace is truly impressive.

Of course, the game isn’t coming out any time soon. This is a major project for Square Enix and Luminous Productions. With this being just one of our first looks, it’s no surprise that the game has a 2022 release window. That said, we expect to see much more of this game over the coming months as Square Enix is seemingly making these digital events much more regular.