Star Wars Eclipse may be attempting a mind trick by intentionally leaking details to test community response

Do we now know the plot of Eclipse?

Image via Lucasfilm Games

The Star Wars community got their first trailer for the Quantic Dream Star Wars game, Eclipse, on December 10, 2021, and the response has been mixed. The promise of a choice-based game, similar to Quantic Dream hits such as Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain, attracted many of the old Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fans. However, there are some mixed feelings when it comes to the developers themselves, as they have gotten into some alleged drama in 2018 surrounding their workspace environment.

Today, Insider Gaming have dug into a recently released podcast where former IGN writer Colin Moriarty leaked some details about the new Star Wars game in the works. Insider claims that this news from Colin Moriarty is actually a “controlled leak,” which Quantic Dream released in hopes of testing the waters with the Star Wars community. It also states that this might be done in the interest of hiring new personnel for development.

Regarding the leaks themselves, Moriarty argues that Star Wars Eclipse is “not even really in production yet” and that the game is being co-written by David Cage and Adam Williams, who have previously worked on other Quantic Dream titles, such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

The plot of Star Wars Eclipse is allegedly set to take place 200 years before the Skywalker saga, and is going to feature a female main character named Sarah, “an athletic 30-something […], a member of a human-like race. This race is at the lead of some sort of empire called The Zaraan, a race not seen in Star Wars before.” Moriarty then goes on to describe this Zaraan empire, which “prides itself on political and military aggression” and leads a gender-egalitarian system.

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If this all is true, we won’t know if this will be the final plot of Star Wars Eclipse, since this is supposed to be a test for the fan community. If the reception is seen as positive, we can possibly expect Sarah to become a memorable addition to the franchise in a game that might appear many years from now.