Starfield Character Planner Is Perfect For Space Prep

The character planner includes all the background, skill, and traits for players to help players plan their characters.

Image via Bethesda

With Starfield about to release and players eager to jump in, many have been deciding what kind of space-themed adventurer they want to be when they dive into the game. Now, thanks to a new character builder, players can begin planning out their space-faring endeavors and be ready to jump into Starfield’s massive universe.

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Players Can Plan Their Space-Faring Builds With All the Games Skills and Traits

Image via Bethesda

The Starfield Build Planner can be found over on the nukesdragons website and gives fledgling space explorers a chance to plan and prepare how they want to experience the upcoming space epic.

While the planner is in development and may have a few inaccuracies, it offers a look at the multiple traits, backgrounds, and skills at players’ disposal when building their characters. It also lets you plan ahead, giving you details on skills as they improve with each level and tells you what level you need to be as you progress through and plan your later levels.

Fans over on Reddit have taken to discussing their ideas of builds and playstyles, or in some cases, their choice paralysis with how many the game offers, with one user summing it up with the statement, “only problem is too many good traits figuring out which ones to get THAT will take time lol.” Some have said they are considering being space pirates, bounty hunters, smugglers, and everything else you can imagine, and fans are excited to see what everyone else plays when they take to the stars.

Elsewhere in Starfield news, we know that planets will not only be huge and fully explorable, but we also know players can see if systems are barren or not to help tailor their experience. On top of that, players can expect the experience to be more like Oblivion than Skyrim, at least according to Phil Spencer.

Whatever way you choose to play, players won’t need to wait much longer to enjoy their space adventures, as Starfield is set to release on September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S and September 1 for those who order the premium edition and get five-day early access.