Starfield Fans Puzzled After Phil Spencer Says Space RPG Is More Like Oblivion Than Skyrim

Starfield fans are speculating what this new information from Phil Spencer means for the upcoming space epic from Bethesda.

Image via Bethesda

Starfield is just around the corner, and any new information players can get is being picked apart and examined as they eagerly await Bethesda’s latest title. Xbox’s Phil Spencer recently dropped a quote regarding the game, comparing it to Bethesda’s classic title Oblivion. It has gotten fans wondering what they can expect from the game thanks to this new revelation.

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Phil Spencer Is Currently on Their 15th Playthrough of the Space Adventure

Screenshot via AMD

Phil’s comments come via an IGN YouTube Short, where he spoke on the upcoming space RPG and revealed he has been playing the game since November 2022 and was on his 15th playthrough. That said, this is across multiple saves due to the nature of development. He also revealed he is a “total space pirate” in his playthroughs.

Aside from this, he also dropped an interesting nugget about what players can expect from Starfield and stated it is “more Oblivion than Skyrim.” This comment has got fans curious about what that will entail, and they have taken to Reddit to discuss their theories.

One of the top comments suggests this is a return to Oblivion’s more complex and heavier RPG systems, such as more varied, deeper systems for players to explore, which many argue make it a better title than Skyrim. Others discussed side quests and guilds, which they felt were more interesting in Oblivion, as well as the overall vibe and approach of the games. Along with that, users discussed and debated the merit of the two titles, but the overall consensus is one of joy at this news from Spencer. We know Starfield will include a slew of RPG systems like traits, fleshed-out dialogue options, and plenty of player freedom in their playstyle, and this comment by Spencer seems to back up that focus on player freedom.

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Elsewhere in Starfield news, we’ve been treated to the news that planets are going to be huge and ripe for exploration, and more details were revealed on the game in a recent Discord Q&A. To top it off, we have a heartfelt story of players honoring a fan who passed away in the best way possible.

Starfield is set to release on September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S and September 1 for those who order the premium edition and get five-day early access.