Starfield Fans Disgusted After Captain Turns Ship Into Hoarders Home

Starfield fans can’t believe that one player has filled most of their ship with the junk they can’t carry instead of opting to add storage.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Starfield offers players an enormous amount of freedom when it comes to how to play. It’s possible to be a sandwich pirate and hoard food from around the galaxy, amass a fleet of ships and become a trader, be the hero every planet needs, or be an evil tyrant who coerces everyone into giving them their hard-earned Credits.

However, the game also allows players to live in the most disgusting and grotesque ways possible, one of which has caused quite a stir within the community. After sharing an image of their ship’s interior filled with an unknowable amount of junk, Starfield players are shocked enough that the community is now offering advice on how to clean it all up.

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Starfield Players Want One Pilot to Clean up Their Mess

A recent post on the Starfield Subreddit started out innocently enough with a simple picture of a ship’s interior. After more than a quick glance though, it becomes clear that the player posting the image has a problem. Like all Bethesda RPG fans, they’ve been picking up every item they encounter, but because of their character’s weight limit, they’ve been forced to find a creative solution to storing it all.

To hold all of the items they’ve collected while exploring and adventuring in Starfield, this player has been dumping them inside their ship when they’re character is over-encumbered. This means they should be able to find the things they need later in their playthrough, but other fans think it’s overwhelmingly untidy. “This looks like all the hoarder’s houses in TV shows.”

However, after more than a few unhelpful comments, the community started to offer suggestions as to how this player can use their ship or other facilities to accommodate the insurmountable amount of hoarding they do. “Go to the Constellation Lodge. In your private bedroom there is a safe with unlimited capacity. I store my horde and all crafting/resource supplies in there. Then you can use all the crafting stations nearby.”

Most Bethesda RPGs have an inordinate amount of items for players to pick up and hoard. Not all of them have a purpose. In fact, many are useless, but players can’t seem to help themselves while exploring each game’s world. Hoarders aren’t new in Bethesda’s RPGs. Really, they’re part of the woodwork, and the fact that Starfield enables them only shows that it’s more in line with what fans want than anything else.