Starfield: How to Store Items in Your Ship’s Cargo Hold

You don’t need to carry everything around when you own a spaceship. Here’s how to store items in your ship’s cargo hold in Starfield.

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You’re not going to get far in Starfield without supplies, so you need to make the most of your ship’s cargo hold, as it can carry far more gear than your protagonist or their companions. There are limits to how much your vessel can hold, but you can expand its capabilities to create a massive trading ship, carting goods from one side of the galaxy to the other.

Starfield continues the fine Bethesda tradition of filling the world with items too heavy for you to carry. You can pass items to your companions and purchase Perks that can increase the number of things you can carry, but it’s never enough. As you explore the galaxy, you’ll constantly hit the ceiling of what you can hold, forcing you to drop gear if you want to run without burning stamina or the ability to fast travel to your ship. Here is what you need to know about storing items in your cargo hold so you don’t have to carry things around.

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How To Store Items In Your Ship

Storing items in your ship is a bit tricky as the game doesn’t do the best job of telling you how. You’ll need to navigate some menus to access your cargo hold, but the button combo to open your mass storage soon becomes second nature.

Here is how to store items in your ship’s cargo hold in Starfield:

  • Press the start button to open your data menu
  • Navigate to the bottom left panel to open your Ship info
  • Press X to open your cargo hold
  • Press the Left Bumper to switch to your inventory
  • Find the items you want to store and click on them to store them in your ship
  • Press LB again to return to your ship’s cargo, where you can withdraw items

Keep in mind that you do need to be within 200m of your ship to store things remotely.

Where to find the physical Cargo Hold in Starfield

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When you first play Starfield, you might assume that the cargo hold is near the ship’s entrance. This isn’t the case, as you will find the cargo hold in the cockpit. The exact location differs, depending on the kind of cockpit you’re using, but it should be within walking distance of the console you use to fly the ship.

The cargo hold is a small computer display, among many others. It’s easy to miss, considering how many little panels will be spread around the ship, but keep looking for the display screen that says “Cargo Hold” on it. You must select this display to access the cargo hold.

Once selected, you can transfer items from your inventory to the cargo hold. If you are on a friendly planet, you can visit a merchant and directly sell items from your ship without running back and forth. It’s also possible to increase the mass limit of your cargo by buying more cargo holds and extensions for your ship in a spaceport. This will also make your ship less maneuverable, so it also helps to upgrade your engines when you buy more cargo holds.

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The cargo hold is ideal for holding crafting materials, as these are extremely heavy. If you create research & crafting stations on your ship, you can access the ship’s inventory directly. This will save you a lot of time and hassle, especially if you’re interested in modding your gear or building outposts.