Starfield Fans Have Already Mapped Out The Game’s Entire Galaxy

The hype reaches a new peak as fans crafts a Starfield’s map ahead of launch.

Accurate Starfield Galaxy Map

Image via Bethesda

Starfield, the highly anticipated space exploration game by Bethesda Softworks, has generated buzz for its promise of a massive open world with over 1,000 planets to explore, each offering a unique and procedurally generated experience.

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Now, one dedicated Starfield fan has accomplished what seemed like an impossible feat – mapping out the game’s entire galaxy even before its official release.

Starfield Fan Maps The Entire Starfield Galaxy Ahead of Launch

Starfield Fan-Made Map
Screenshot by Gamepur

This Starfield Fan, armed with only shared gameplay footage and pre-release public information, embarked on an ambitious quest to recreate the galaxy’s map. Using 3D programs and pixel tracking, this intrepid fan tracked the movement of stars during a mere 6-second video clip from the game’s early reveal. Their determination and meticulous work paid off, as they managed to accurately reconstruct the 3D positions of the stars.

The process involved identifying real stars like Sol, Alpha Centauri, and Porrima, confirming that Starfield’s world is based within our Milky Way. The rest of the unidentified systems were identified using databases of known stars, and their positions were optimized to minimize errors. Even more intriguing, additional video footage unveiled the names of more stars, further refining the reconstructed map and providing a sneak peek into what players can expect in the game.

Commenting on the news, the gaming community is amused and impressed by the fan’s ingenuity. Some joke that this player deserves an honorary degree in astrophysics for their meticulous work, while others playfully speculate whether Bethesda might want to consider hiring them as a cartographer for future game development.

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As we wait for Starfield’s official release on September 6, 2023, the galaxy map created by this dedicated fan has sparked excitement and anticipation among players. It’s remarkable to witness the passion and dedication of the gaming community as they eagerly explore every tidbit of information about the game’s universe.