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Starfield Fans Tricked By Cruel Pre-Installation Notification

Starfield fans are annoyed by a notification from Xbox after preloading the game in preparation for its launch day.

Starfield launch is approaching fast, releasing on PC on September 6 and on Xbox on August 31. Xbox players are already getting the option to be able to preload the game now and look at the game sitting there on their console, just waiting to be played, but they won’t be able to right yet. A Pre-installation notification that players are getting just seems to be adding to the torture.

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This outer space game is one that many are excited about, even gamers who aren’t into the sci-fi genre of games. Starfield is an open-world game that has been compared to GTA’s style but in outer space and includes many different planets for players to explore. After the Starfield showcase in June 2023, it got many gamers even more on the edge of their seats waiting for this game, and the excitement seems to be getting more and more intense.

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This Xbox Notification Is Just Cruel For Starfield Awaiting Gamers

Being able to preload games before they release has been something gamers love since it began, so now there isn’t a long wait period after the game launches that is required to wait for it to download. It is an excellent way around the issue, especially when everyone’s internet is different, and some might be lower than others. Whenever a game preload is complete, it sends a notification letting the console owner know the task has been completed. However, usually, it will let us know with an in-game message that a “preload has been completed,” but with Starfield, this isn’t the case.

When Starfield has finished preloading onto gamers’ Xbox, it sends a notification stating that the game is “ready to play,” which can only send excitement through players’ stomachs. Sadly, when they go to click on the notification, the game is still unavailable, and they are told to wait until the release day.

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This notification message has annoyed many fans, and they’re letting their frustration out on the Starfield subreddit, and one user even confirmed that the Xbox app tells players to “jump back in” to the game as well. While the notification might make players believe that Starfield is available early, it is not, and gamers will still have to wait until the end of August to play the game.

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