Starfield Hype Skyrockets as Constellation Van Rolls Up To Gamescom

Fans are stunned by this Starfield-themed Van showing up at Gamescom.

Image via Bethesda

It is down to less than two weeks before players will be able to jump into the highly anticipated game Starfield. Players have been waiting for this Bethesda game to release for what feels like ever now, especially after Xbox Showcase June 2023 displayed its own Starfield Showcase, where fans got to sink their teeth into what to expect from this new IP from Bethesda in over 25 years.

With Gamescom beginning on August 22 with Opening Night Live, the hype is increasing even more in the gaming community. Mircosoft and Bethesda have gone all out with what they rolled up to the Gamescom to show off their big release, which is quite impressive.

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A Starfield Space Bus Is At Gamescom Ahead of Release

As developers are setting up for Gamescom, it is no surprise to see many marvelous things lined up for fans to know and experience once they get to the event. One user on Reddit shared a photo of a Starfield-themed bus that appeared at the event, looking futuristic and space-themed.

Bethesda fans obsess over how incredible the bus is, stating how it is huge on the inside and wondering what it might look like with all that space. Another user said, “Damn, they brought the Frontier to Gamescom.” While another user says, “We need a collector’s edition of that bus stat.”

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Players are hyped for Starfield and want to own as much merchandise as possible. We hope it will live up to its hype once it releases on September 6. If nothing else, the bus will definitely bring a ton more excitement as people continue to see it at Gamescom as an advertisement for Starfield.