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Starfield: Early Access Start Date & Time For Every Timezone

Starfield's early access launches between August 31 and September 1 depending on your time zone! Here's when you can jump in.

Starfield’s Premium Editions and above boast up to five days of early access before the game’s official release, but it’s not your standard midnight launch. Taking a page from Baldur’s Gate 3’s playbook, Starfield’s early access will have a global launch, allowing players to hop on the servers at the same time, regardless of region.

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Normally, players would have to perform some sort of New Zealand or Australia timezone wizardry to play their most anticipated titles as early as possible. But if the Microsoft Store page listings are to be believed, it seems players across the globe will gain access to Starfield’s early access at the same time.

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Starfield Early Access Start Time Per Timezone

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A global launch is great as you don’t have to fiddle with your console or PC settings, nor do you have to create a ghost account for a fictitious Australian version of yourself. However, it does mean you’ll have to figure out what time Starfield is available to play in your time zone.

Here is when you can play Starfield Early Access based on your time zone:

Auckland, New ZealandNZST (UTC +12)Friday, Sept 112 PM (Noon)
Sydney, AustraliaAEST (UTC +10)Friday, Sept 110 AM
Tokyo, JapanJST (UTC +9)Friday, Sept 19 AM
Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMYT (UTC +8)Friday, Sept 18 AM
Ghent, BelgiumCEST (UTC +2)Friday, Sept 12 AM
Dublin, IrelandIST (UTC +1)Friday, Sept 11 AM
London, EnglandBST (UTC +1)Friday, Sept 11 AM
Rio De Janeiro, BrazilBRT (UTC -3)Thursday, Aug 319 PM
New York, USAEDT/EST (UTC -4)Thursday, Aug 318 PM
Chicago, USACDT/CST (UTC -5)Thursday, Aug 317 PM
Colorado, USAMDT/MST (UTC-6)Thursday, Aug 316 PM
Los Angeles, USAPDT/PST (UTC -7)Thursday, Aug 315 PM

Not every time zone is present on the chart above, but it should give players a rough idea of when they will be able to hop into Starfield and then into their starships.

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