Starfield Player Makes Incredible Ecological Discovery While Surveying Planets

Starfield player’s discovery highlight Bethesda’s attention to detail when it comes to building their worlds.

Image via Bethesda

Starfield is a big game with a lot of exploration and plenty for players to discover during their playthroughs. For one more casual, science-based player, this has led to the discovery of planets having realistic ecological systems that make surveying easier. It also highlights Bethesda’s knack for getting all the little details right and its commitment to always giving players something new to discover.

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Player Discovery Showcases Bethesda’s Attention to Detail

Image via Bethesda

Reddit user u/ICCanada made the discovery during their time playing Starfield, and it highlights the game’s attention to detail when it comes to ecology and making worlds a bit more interesting for players to explore.

In the post, they detail their efforts to survey as many planets as possible and focus on playing a scientist-style build as they explore the game’s many worlds. During their adventures, they struggled to find a beetle creature and to fill out their survey of the planet, but thanks to the inclusion of scavengers in their name, he quickly pieced together how to find them.

He then details his discovery and how planets with multiple species will have hunters, prey, and scavengers, and thanks to the game’s attention to detail, you can use this to your advantage. In their case, this involved following hunters to kill prey and waiting for scavengers to turn up, giving them all the species to scan at once.

Many comments on the post are from players thanking them for sharing their discovery and praising the player for their commitment to role play. Others shared some of their other discoveries and advice for exploration, including how fish and flying creatures can be scanned from further away or that the game had marine life at all. There are also a lot of players commending Bethesda for their RPG design, arguing that this play is a prime example of “what roleplaying is about.”

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With how huge Starfield is and the multiple ways players can enjoy the game, as well as the seemingly endless discoveries players can make, we imagine we will see plenty more posts and stories like this as players dive deeper into the world of Starfield.