Starfield Players Already Debating Over The Morality Of Save Scumming

To save scum or not to save scum, that’s the question.

Image via Bethesda

In the galaxy of Starfield, player choice reigns supreme. Like in other Bethesda games, what the player chooses to do, or who they choose to side with, will significantly impact how the story unfolds. Because of this dynamic, a new moral dilemma has emerged: fans are divided faster than a warp-speed argument.

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Save scumming, the gaming technique that lets you “re-roll” the dice of destiny by reloading your game, is under the microscope, and players are locked in a cosmic debate over its morality.

Is Save Scumming in Morally Correct? Answered By Starfield Players

It’s a tough call, and everyone has their own opinions on whether save scumming is cheating. While some argue that save scumming is as necessary as a spacesuit in a vacuum, others say it’s essential to explore 100% of the game’s outcomes. One general consensus seems to be that the first playthrough should be organic and free of save-scumming. Players should deal with their “vanilla” outcomes and mistakes and push through to the game’s end, however that may look.

Bethesda’s upcoming intergalactic RPG promises a universe where every decision matters. From character creation sliders to questline choices that can spawn star systems of difference, the game places your choices on a pedestal higher than even the most celestial constellations. However, players are grappling with whether employing the ol’ save-and-reload gambit aligns with the spirit of this choice-driven cosmos.

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As the Starfield community navigates the uncharted waters of moral choice within a world of programmable galaxies, it’s clear that the save-scumming question is as vast and mysterious as the cosmos itself. So, will players embrace the thrill of facing the consequences as if they were real cosmic matter, or will they shuffle through the quantum rift, reshaping their virtual destinies one reload at a time? Ultimately, each solar cowboy is navigating their moral asteroid belt.