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Starfield Players Rejoice as Cross Progression Takes Off

Starfield introduces Cross Progression, leaving fans thrilled as they explore the universe on Xbox, PC, and beyond.

Starfield, the highly anticipated action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, ignites a frenzy in the gaming galaxy once again. The game’s impending release has been a hot topic, especially regarding its available platforms.

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Xbox Series X/S owners were thrilled to hear that Starfield would be a console exclusive for their system. At the same time, PC gamers were elated to know they could join the intergalactic adventures. And now, an even brighter glimmer of hope in the dark void of exclusivity was uncovered: Starfield bears the Xbox Play Anywhere tag on its store page.

Starfield Fans Are Thrilled As Cross Progression Tag Lands on Store

Bethesda quietly announced that Starfield would be crossplay. With the Xbox Play Anywhere tag, players who own Starfield on both Xbox and PC will not have to bear the burden of double purchases. They will own both versions at no additional cost, making it cosmic to explore the game on multiple platforms. Their precious save files will be transported seamlessly between PC, Xbox, and the celestial Cloud. No more starting over from square one on different platforms.

As the news spread, players couldn’t contain their excitement. Though generally, every player favors either PC or Xbox over the other platform, everyone agrees shifting gears between one platform and the other will be fun. One fan shared they’d “try hard” on PC and then relax and explore on their Xbox while lying on the couch. Exploring space from the comfort of your own couch sounds like a dream. Dual-platform owners can now traverse the stars without a hitch.

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Starfield is shaping up to be an astronomical delight for all involved. With the Cross Progression Tag now added, it’s an exciting time for fans across the universe. Fingers crossed for an unforgettable adventure, whether cruising through space on an Xbox, soaring through galaxies on a PC, or planning to conquer both with your cosmic prowess.

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