Starfield Players Warn Against Using Fast Travel As It Skips Immersive Content

One Starfield player has shared that their experience with the game has been so much better since they stopped teleporting to planets.


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Starfield can be an incredibly immersive experience for players who want to take their character from the ground, into their ship’s cockpit, up to space, across the galaxy to another system, and all the way down to another world with very few interruptions. However, some fans want to complete quests as quickly as possible and don’t want to wait.

For the most part, Starfield is a seamless experience, but there are cutscenes between lifting off in a ship and during the game’s faster-than-light travel between systems, Grav-Jumps. It’s so easy to skip these cutscenes, which feel like loading areas, by selecting the planet at the end of the journey and holding a button to teleport directly to a location on it. But one Starfield player is urging others getting into the game today to avoid doing this.

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Starfield Players Want Others to Experience Everything They’ve Seen by Avoiding Fast Travel

A recent post on the Starfield Subreddit almost begs players to refrain from using fast travel to skip from planet to planet. Instead, they urge players to do everything as slowly as possible, including entering a ship’s cockpit before take-off, flying to a system, selecting a landing spot, and enduring every cutscene.

The heart of this post is a plea for players to enjoy what they’ve been enjoying the entire time. “This allows for all the random encounters in space to occur, and honestly, some of the best stuff I’ve experienced in the game has been because of this shift in play style.”

During our time with Starfield, we’ve experienced many random encounters in space, such as strangers asking us to buy ship insurance, and they all add to making the game feel like a fully established universe. It’s not that they’re obviously better than similar encounters in other Bethesda RPGs; they just add to the world in the same way.

Some of the comments on this Reddit post go into great detail about some of the encounters players have had, so those looking to avoid any spoilers might want to avoid diving into them and save the surprise for themselves. “I met the ship that traveled 200 years to get there. They made grav drives work shortly after these people left Earth lmao. And the planet they wanted to settle on had a freaking beach resort on it….”

Even with 1,000 planets to explore, Starfield has things for players to find organically as they travel around its vast universe. Despite the game feeling overwhelming while fast traveling, we’ve found that these minor encounters are some of the most memorable. They make us pause, laugh out loud, and hook us back in for another hour when we’re about to stop playing.