Starfield: Should You Buy the Starship Insurance Limited Warranty?

There’s the choice for you to buy Starship Insurance in Starfield and get a limited warranty on your ship, but is it worth it?

There are several random events that can occur as you play through Starfield. These random events can be pirate encounters, bounty hunters coming to claim the price on your head, some weary ships that require help, or insurance salesmen that appear, double-checking if you’re satisfied with your starship’s insurance limited warranty.

I had this option appear several times during my Starfield playthrough, where a random ship would appear and ask if I’d like to purchase some warranty, with several benefit packages. The prices varied on what type of benefits I wanted to purchase, and they were costly. Here’s what you need to know if you should buy the Starship Insurance Limited Warranty in Starfield.

Is It Worth It Buying the Starship Insurance Limited Warranty in Starfield?

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This is an entirely optional choice while you’re playing Starfield. However, it came up several times, at least, it did for me. When I discussed this option with my colleagues, they had never encountered the traveling Starship Insurance salesperson and did not have the chance to turn down or accept his offer. I encountered this individual on three separate occasions, and on the third one, I decided to take them up on their offer of the starship insurance.

I had to work through the dialogue tree of listening about the various bonuses and packages available from their company. Overall, it sounded like a lot of flavor dialogue and did not have anything directly discuss in-game mechanics or things I had to worry about throughout my time playing Starfield. However, they were all things that someone who owned a ship likely thought about and probably considered.

After making it through the two dialogue options, I had two options: 50,000 or 100,000 Credits. Not wanting this wonderful opportunity to go to waste, I decided to go with the 100,000 credit choice and was awarded the premium insurance package.

It has been several hours since I’ve made this decision in Starfield. I have no additional choices, unique opportunities, or benefits while playing the game. I haven’t seen anything about this salesperson again. However, I can confirm that I have yet to encounter him again and receive the same offer. I can imagine that if I had told them I did not want to purchase it, they would have reappeared to make the same offer.

The Starship Insurance Limited Warranty in Starfield has been a disappointment. I was hoping for a unique quest later, or something to connect back to my ship as a bonus that would make this outrageous purchase worthwhile. After reaching the New Game Plus version of the game, I can safely say nothing has happened to my playthrough, and buying it was a complete waste of credits.

From what I know so far, I do not feel the Starship Insurance Limited Warranty is worth it in Starfield. I didn’t feel that the cost for this was worthwhile, but I would love to find something related to this at a later point. Given how many things are connected, and wind back to your character while playing Starfield, I want to say that this could easily return to you at a later point, and I hope I can update this article to share that there will be, but from my experience right now, it was not a worthwhile or a good purchase.