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Starfield Pre-Load Dates Announced After Game Goes Gold

The game is all set to take off on September 6.

After many years of waiting, showcases, and teasers, Bethesda has finally completed development on its newest IP, Starfield. Twenty-five years in the making, Bethesda has officially announced that the game has gone gold and will be released on September 6, 2023. With this, fans can rest assured that they will soon explore the stars in this space epic.

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The developer has also announced that preloading for Xbox will begin this week, so fans can get their games downloaded and ready for the big day.

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Bethesda’s Newest Title Is Set for Its September Release; Pre-load Begins Tomorrow

With the game only a few weeks from launch, Bethesda has confirmed that their upcoming space epic has gone gold, which means the game is complete and has been sent for certification. This means the game is on track for its September 6 launch.

Additionally, the developer has revealed that preload for the game will go live for Xbox Series X/S tomorrow, August 17, with Steam being able to preload from Wednesday, August 30.

With this news, fans can rest easy knowing the game will likely not get delayed again and will stick to the September release date, which we imagine will be welcomed since the game has already suffered multiple delays. There were even worries of a last-second delay given how close the game is to release with no word on preloads, but Pete Hines quickly reassured fan concerns.

Bethesda has been gearing up for the launch of Starfield for a long time, even recently revealing a timeline with details on the universe’s history. It has been hyping up the over 1000 planets to explore and countless possibilities for players. We have heard this before, and it’s not always been quite as good as advertised, but in this case, we’ll have to wait and see.

Starfield launches on September 6 for Xbox Series X/S and PC, with 5-day early access available for those who purchase the premium edition.

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