State of Unreal livestream announced for April 5, will go over “special” Unreal Engine news and how The Matrix Awakens was made

The livestream will have multiple speakers and will last for hours.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games will be holding a live stream that will center on the Unreal Engine. The live stream will be called the State of Unreal and will start on April 5 at 11 am ET. The stream will be available to watch on both YouTube and Twitch. There will be multiple speakers during the stream, including Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney and Epic Games’ CTO Kim Libreri.

The first hour-and-a-half will be the State of Unreal Keynote, and it will go over “special” Unreal Engine news. The following two hours will be about The Matrix Awakens tech demo. The Matrix Awakens was released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S to promote The Matrix Resurrection movie. The Matrix Awakens is meant to highlight Unreal Engine 5, the latest iteration of the engine.

The first hour covering The Matrix Awakens will go over how the developers created the world and environment. The second hour will cover how the developers generated the world of The Matrix Awakens, including how the city was created. The last hour of the live stream will be a “fast-paced” and “inspirational” tech talk on how someone can create their own game with the unreal engine.

The Unreal Engine is a software framework that game developers use to design and developed video games. Game engines like Unreal come with relevant assets and support programs that make game development easier. Epic Games developed the original Unreal Engine, and it is one of the most popular game engines to use. Recently CD Projekt Red announced that their new The Witcher game will use Unreal Engine 5.