Suicide Squad’s preorder cosmetics may have leaked

It’s the squad in their original costumes.

Image via Rocksteady

Thousands of fans are looking forward to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Rocksteady’s upcoming title, after their State of Play presentation. However, a recent leak of the alleged main menu of Warner Bros. Games’ title began to deflate the hype. Judging by the image, the game will have a Battle Pass and no less than six currencies. Now, a recent would-be preorder cosmetic leak has finally pricked their excitement. 

An official Twitter account dedicated to Batman Arkham took to their social media platform to share what would be a future preorder bonus cosmetic for Suicide Squad: Kill the justice league. EllianTmz caught this image from the Spanish version of the game’s trailer, which is a bit longer than the trailer released for English audiences. The leaked picture shows all four members of the Suicide Squad in their classic DC gear. Harley wears her trademark red and black jester costume. Captain Boomerang sports a light-blue outfit decorated in a boomerang pattern and, of course, a golden boomerang. As for Deadshot and Shark King, they look like they are about to debut in the ring with a red jumpsuit with metallic coverings and a mere singlet.

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The alleged additional cosmetic content, paired with the recent menu leak, drove Reddit forums and Twitter into protest madness. Most would-be fans claim their “flagging interest in this game dies a little more” and argue that Rocksteady’s first game in 8 years is “a goddamned live service looter shooter.”

With comments like these running rampant, the community is clearly skeptical and fears that Suicide Squad is a live service game. Neither Rocksteady nor Warner Bros. has stepped in to dissipate the rumors about either of the leaks. So, we will have to wait until the developers respond to this leak and reveal more project details.

Video via Warner Play Latino