All Suicide Squad team members in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

A lot of the usuals are here.


Image via Rocksteady

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In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, you will get a look at some characters formerly shown in the Batman: Arkham universe, but from the villains’ side set in Metropolis. This game deviates from what came before it in many ways, but most of the names that pop up should be pretty recognizable if you have some basic DC knowledge. Here are all of the Suicide Squad members you should expect to see in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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Every playable Suicide Squad member in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Captain Boomerang

Screenshot via PlayStation’s YouTube channel

Captain Boomerang is a classic villain to the Flash. He throws a boomerang that he can rapidly chase after. As you might imagine, his whole gimmick revolves around these throwable objects, being very accurate with them and sometimes attaching explosives to them.


Image via Rocksteady

Deadshot is known as the most accurate shooter in the DC universe. He is an assassin who has appeared in Arkham games before, but this is our first time playing as him. He rotates between snipers, assault rifles, and pistols and has a jetpack that he uses to hover around and get good shots at his targets. He is also well-known for deeply caring about his daughter, which will likely pop up at some point in the story for the game.

Harley Quinn

Image via Warner Bros.

We have seen Harley Quinn in almost every Arkham game to this point, and she is kind of seen as the mascot of the Suicide Squad, so it’s not surprising to have her here. Like in the past, Harley is a bit crazy from her time with the Joker, who died in Arkham City in this universe, but she is extremely acrobatic. This time around, she has a drone that she grapples to get around the area quickly, and she loves using her bat or hammer to lay the hurt on enemies.

King Shark

Image via WB Games

King Shark is a villain that usually faces off against Aquaman in the past, but he is much more known for being a part of the Suicide Squad or the lovable side character in the Harley Quinn show these days. He is the son of the shark god and is ferocious, as you would expect a character with that lineage to be.

All NPC allies in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League


Image via Rocksteady

Gizmo looks to be making the vehicles you drive more deadly. The ability to “blow s*** up” was about all the information we were given on his work.


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Hack seems to be unconscious in the game, but her brain controls a digital ghost-like avatar. It is described that she will help navigate Metropolis and have upgrades for your character’s neck bomb, whatever that means.


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Penguin, who has appeared in previous Batman: Arkham games returns in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. He still has the bottle fragments covering his eye, and this time appears to be providing the crew with new weapons.

Toy Man

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Toy Man is only described as helping the team “perfect” their gear. We take this to mean you will purchase new gear upgrades from him, though we do see one of his toy vehicles get enlarged into a full-size one, so maybe there is more to him than we think.