Super Mario Bros. Movie Fans Are Swooning To Bowser’s Hit Single “Peaches”

Love can really make a guy come out of his shell.

Image via Nintendo

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been making waves since its release last week, becoming a smash hit, breaking records, and having the biggest opening weekend ever for an animated movie. Aside from all that praise, an unexpected highlight in the movie has become a fan favorite that we will likely be hearing about for a while.

Alongside Chris Pratt and Anna Taylor-Joy, the film gives fans a stellar showing from Jack Black as Bowser who, in classic fashion, managed to work a musical number into the movie, and it’s a heartfelt ballad about Princess Peach that fans have come to love.

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Bowser’s Ballad about Princess Peach takes the Internet by storm

For those who are unfamiliar, in the movie, Bowser takes a moment to stop his scheming and belts out a full-on ballad professing his love for Princess Peach and plans to defeat Mario. It probably sounds a bit ridiculous, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming an internet phenomenon, with fans nearly unanimously deciding it’s one of if not the best moments in the movie.

Since the track’s release, fans have taken to Twitter and other social media to profess their love for the song. Some simply mentioned how much they loved the track and Jack Black’s emotional performance, while others have taken to creating fan art and memes. Beyond the internet, the track has had an impact in the real world too, with a full version of the song available to stream on Spotify and iTunes, where it has been climbing the charts.

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On top of that, a music video released on April 7 in collaboration with Lyrical Lemonade has received 7.8 million views on YouTube at the time of writing. It is currently #2 on the trending music page, which features Black in a shiny green suit and a giant red hairpiece. If that’s not enough, we now know that “Peaches” will be eligible to submit for best original song at The Oscars, meaning we could have a potential Academy Award winner on our hands.

It’s a catchy tune that will likely be enjoyed for a long time and just adds more good press to The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which we recommend you check out. Don’t blame us if you can’t get the power ballad out of your head after you give it a listen though.